The 7″ from Phaseone and Parisian is out now. Head over to our store to grab your copy!

From Interview Magazine: Down-tempo comrades and St. Louis natives Phaseone and Parisian originally bonded over a love for mid-2000s dubstep. Today the former hip-hop producers admit that the genre’s gotten egregiously warped over the years, but they’ve definitely strayed far from their early influences.

Though hundreds of miles apart—Phaseone lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, Parisian remains “stuck” in St. Louis—the two make a similar brand of ethereal, instrumental music. While you can hear the hip-hop past more in Phaseone’s production through his samples and song structures, Parisian works in a more experimental, abstract world. Still, their styles meet in a spacey, atmospheric place, where they’re able to curate distinct emotional journeys, hypnotic in their own ways. (More)

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We’re pleased to announce that we will be realeasing a split 7″ from Phaseone and Parisian on January 29th. The 7″ features tracks, “It’s Not Forever” from Phaseone and “Sean” by Parisian. Head over to Pitchfork to check out the Phaseone A side. The 7″ is available for pre-order from our store now.

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