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A Sunny Day In Glasgow

“In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing)” from Sea When Absent

Absolutely Free

“Beneath the Air” from Absolutely Free.

“On The Beach” from On The Beach / Clothed Woman, Sitting 7″

A Classic Education

“Forever Boy” from Call It Blazing

“Baby, It’s Fine” from Call It Blazing

“I Lost Time” from Hey There Stranger

Active Child

School of Seven Bells “Heart Is Strange (Active Child Remix)” from Split 7″

A Grave With No Name

“Aurora” from Whirlpool

“And We Parted Ways at Mt. Jade” from Mountain Debris

Algodón Egipcio

Foot Village “Lovers With Iraqis (Algodón Egipcio Remix)”

“El Ingenio Humano” from La Lucha Constante

Banjo or Freakout

“Over There” from Way Slow Volume One

Big Search

“Distant Shore” from Big Search 7″


“American Mourning” from RIPJDS

Children of Pop

“Charge” from Charge


“The Wilderness” from The Wilderness

Cuckoo Chaos

“Just Ride It” from Woman

“Jamb Song” from Jesus Flag American Fish 7″

“Jesus Flag American Fish” from Jesus Flag American Fish 7″

Dana Buoy

“Call to Be” from Summer Bodies

Dominant Legs

“Where We Trip The Light” from Invitation

“Hoop of Love” from Invitation

“Clawing Out at the Walls” from Young at Love and Life

“Clawing Out at the Walls (Algodón Egipcio Remix)”

“Clawing Out At The Walls (Altair Nouveau Remix)” original track from Young at Love and Life

Drop Electric

“Waking Up to the Fire” from Waking Up to the Fire

Fair Ohs

“Eden Rock” from Everything Is Dancing

“Summer Lake” from Everything Is Dancing

Field Mouse

“How Do You Know” from How Do You Know 7″

French For Rabbits

“Woke up to a Storm” from Spirits


“Drop The Act” from Still Living

“Sleep” from Still Living

“Jungle” from Still Living

How To Dress Well

“Decisions” from Love Remains

Jesse Ruins

“Laura Is Fading” from A Film


“Sideways Smile” from Kompetitor

“Yellow Wings” from Baby Style


“Black Mold Grow” from Look A Little Closer

Martin Eden

“verions” from Dedicate Function

“Worker” from Worker 7″

Ming Ming

“Eater of the Dead” from Ultrameta OK

Mister Lies

“Align” from Mowgli”
“Dionysian” from Dionysian/Waveney 7″

Neon Indian

“Terminally Chill” from Psychic Chasms


“It’s Not Forever” from Phaseone/Parisian 7″
“Being With You” from Way Slow Volume Two

Psychic Twin

“The Deepest Part” from Gonna Get Her 7″

Sea Oleena

“If I’m” from Shallow


“Whiplash” from S/T EP

Sun Glitters

“Mouth” from Sun Glitters 7″

Tape Deck Mountain

“P.I.” from Secret Serf

“Suicide 1997” from Slow Salvation EP

Teen Daze

“Ice On The Windowsill” from Glacier

“New Life” from The Inner Mansions

“Treten” from All of Us, Together

The Delta Mirror

“Going To Town” from Machines That Listen

The Morning Clouds

“Ends” from Wasted Youth Blues

“A Walk Home” from Wasted Youth Blues

Way Yes

“Important” from Walkability

“Automail” from Oranjudio


“Insects” from Rare Forms

“When The Morning Comes” from Mystery Tape EP