From XLR8R:
Last year’s False Astronomy EP by Chicago-based producer Mister Lies (a.k.a. Nick Zanca) seemed to come out of nowhere, but nonetheless managed to light up every single ear and blog that it touched. Taken from his Mowgli LP (due out via Lefse on February 26), “Lupine” shows off two different sides of the producer, illustrating more or less exactly why we recently included him in our Bubblin’ Up series. The track doesn’t stand still: Beginning with a loungey groove, “Lupine” is soon sideswiped by a Blade Runner-esque wash of synths before taking a hard left into clattering garage. It goes on to interchange distant vocal samples with melodic hooks that wouldn’t be out of place in a Julio Bashmore track, bringing them all together at the finale. Mister Lies seems to be slowly carving out a distinguished niche for himself, and if anything, “Lupine” just makes the wait for its parent album all the more exciting.

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